Research Topics

Translational decision support research

PD Dr. med. et phil. Kristina Keitel

Our research focuses on the integration of novel tools into diagnostic- and treatment pathways in pediatric emergency medicine. We employ out-come-based research designs, as the ultimate goal is to improve patient care. Examples are the evaluation of decision-support tools, point-of-care tests, and novel diagnostic tools such as lung ultrasound.

Migration Medicine and Global Health

Dr. med. et phil. Julia Brandenberger
PD Dr. med. et phil. Kristina Keitel

Pediatric primary care in low- and middle-income countries (LIMICs) relies on minimally trained health workers. Diagnostic support is lacking, which has contributed to high-volume antibiotic use. Through a collaboration with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute we have developed and evaluated digital clinical decision support tools to support health works in LMICs in pediatric primary care. 

With every 7th person not living anymore at their place of birth, migrant health has become an essential part of pub-lic health. Our research in this field helps us to ensure that migrant patients are getting the same quality of care than patients from the majority population. Our research focus-es on the three C, known as major challenges in migrant health: communication, continuity of care and confidence between health workers and migrant families.

Procedural Sedation

Dr. med. Fabrizio Romano

Children are often anxious about procedures in the emergency department. Procedural sedation uses various techniques and medications to reduce anxiety and discomfort. Our research focuses on improving strategies for pediatric sedation in the emergency department, including medications, patient safety, and overall satisfaction. 

Innovation in Medical Education

Dr. med. Isabelle Steiner, MME

To promote excellence in medical education we evaluate the integration of innovative tools into educational strategies.

Study center

Our emergency department collaborates in various national and international patient-oriented research projects around emergency care